Recent Client Success Stories

Litigation-Labor and Employment (Fair Labor Standards Act)

Ryan Law recently completed a Federal Court bench trial defending its client against alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act for failure to pay overtime benefits, and is waiting on the Judge’s ruling.

Litigation-Environmental (CERCLA)

Ryan Law brought an action on behalf of its client in Federal Court for past release of hazardous substances at its facility by a former owner/operator at the site, and achieved a successful mediated resolution for recovery of cleanup costs and indemnification for future assessment and remediation costs.

Litigation-Labor and Employment (Florida Civil Rights Act & "Whistle-Blower's" Act)

Ryan Law obtained a defense verdict in a Florida state court jury trial representing an east central Florida city. The plaintiff alleged retaliatory termination of employment in violation of the Florida Civil Rights Act and the Florida “Whistle-blower’s” Act.

Commercial Litigation-(Contract Dispute)

Ryan Law obtained partial summary judgment in Florida state court as to liability representing an airline company concerning breach of an Aircraft Purchase Agreement.

Litigation-Labor and Employment (Collective Bargaining Agreements)

Ryan Law obtained favorable arbitration decisions from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the Public Employees Relations Commission in two separate matters on behalf of two Florida municipalities concerning grievances filed by public employees under the respective bargaining agreements.

Litigation-Environmental (Contamination Cost Recovery)

Ryan Law obtained final summary judgment in Florida state court on behalf of its client, a former owner of a golf course in Naples, Florida, concerning the alleged presence of environmental contamination in a lawsuit brought by the current property owner.

Commercial Litigation- (Enforcement of Settlement Agreement)

Ryan Law obtained successful mediated settlement, and subsequently obtained a judgment on behalf of its client after a bench trial in Florida state court to enforce the judgment in combination with the settlement agreement, and obtained a court ruling granting the client’s recovery of its attorneys’ fees and costs.

Commercial Litigation-(Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act)

Ryan Law obtained dismissal of a complaint alleging various violations of Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act against a member and an individual officer/director of the client company.




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